Lincoln has two Reporting Centers that offer clients and the community a variety of resources and programming:


605 Building

605 S. 10th Street, 1st FL

Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: 402-441-9480



Reporting Center - North

901 W. Bond St., Suite 220, Entrance "E"

Lincoln, NE 68521

Phone: 402-441-1985

Services are evidence-based and tailored to meet the needs of the local community. Reporting Centers assist in engaging clients in rehabilitative services while simultaneously providing enhanced supervision through probation.


Reporting Centers also serve as community resources for individuals who live in the area or are related to clients on probation offering a variety of services to meet their unique needs. These services range from AA meetings to Employment classes to access to computer labs and a variety of other services that meet the community’s demands.


Core program components include: Pre-treatment, Relapse Group, Employment and Educational/Life skills classes and cognitive groups to assist clients in behavior change.


There are collectively over 150 different services within the sixteen Reporting Centers across the State of Nebraska. These services include such things as: parenting, anger management, financial management, relapse prevention, mental health counseling, victim impact classes, domestic violence classes, trauma groups, cognitive restructuring classes and employment programs.

Other services such as drug testing and ancillary assistance (transportation, leisure activities, clothing closets, computer labs) are also available.

Scheduled Classes and Programming


Due To the Coronavirus, for the health and safety of our clients, contractors and staff, we are suspending reporting center groups/classes until further notice. HOWEVER, we will continue classes VIA ZOOM to accommodate the need for in person classes. We will be posting updated information about resuming or starting groups/classes in the near future. If you have questions contact your officer. 

**Note: All classes will resume to VIA ZOOM starting September 1st, 2021.**

Classes that will remain IN PERSON will be Men's and Women's Trauma and Crime Victim Empathy classes ONLY.**

HOLIDAY CLASS Schedule Changes:


Friday December 24th, Christmas Eve. No classes will be held.


Saturday December 25th, Christmas Day. No classes will be held.

Saturday January 1st, New Year's Day. No classes will be held.

Monday January 17th, Martin Luther King Day. No classes will be held.

Classes/Programming offered at Lancaster County Reporting Centers:

Employment class (ResCare), Relapse Prevention, Pre-treatment class, Trauma groups (Men's and Women's), Anger Management, Orr Domestic Violence, Crime Victim Empathy class, AA Meetings, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) and Thinking for a Change (T4C) - Officer facilitated, Officer facilitated monthly groups, Life Skills classes through Change Company, Individual Counseling through UNL, and Money Management.

NOTE: Probation Officer's may elect to hold programming, groups, or classes on holidays. Please check with your Officer for any cancellations.

***Please contact your Probation Officer or Reporting Center staff in regards to any cancellations and/or rescheduling.

BCSIP classes and Money Management:

Self Control – Th 11/4/21-12/30/21, 5:30-6:30pm
Responsible Thinking – Th 11/4/21-12/30/21, 6:45-7:45pm

Leisure/Rec –Wed 12/1/21-12/22/21, 5:30-7:30pm
Money Management – Sat 12/4/21 & Sat 12/18/21, 8:30am-12:30pm

Responsible Thinking - Wed 1/5/22-2/23/22, 530-630pm
Self Control - Wed 1/5/22-2/23/22, 645-745pm
Money Management - Th 1/6/22-1/27/22, 530-730pm
Peer Relationships - Sat 1/8/22-1/29/22, 830am-1230pm

Family Ties - Th 2/3/22-2/24/22, 530-730pm
Self Control - Sat 2/5/22-3/26/22, 530-630pm
Responsible Thinking - Sat 2/5/22-3/26/22, 645-745pm

Leisure/Rec - Wed 3/9/22-3/30/22, 530-730pm
Responsible Thinking - Th 3/10/22-4/28/22, 530-630pm
Self Control - Th 3/10/22-4/28/22, 645-745pm

Family Ties - Wed 4/6/22-4/27/22, 530-730pm
Self Control - Sat 4/2/22-5/28/22, 530-630pm
Responsible Thinking - Sat 4/2/22-5/28/22, 645-745pm

Peer Relationships - Wed 5/4/22-5/25/22, 530-730pm
Self Control - Th 5/5/22-6/23/22, 530-630pm
Responsible Thinking - Th 5/5/22-6/23/22, 645-745pm

Money Management - Wed 6/1/22-6/22/22, 530-730pm
Leisure/Rec - Sat 6/4/22-6/25/22, 830am-1230pm

5:30 – 7:00 p.m

Mondays- 9/13/21-12/6/21

Wednesdays 9/29/21-12/15/21

Wednesdays 1/5/22-3/23/22

Mondays 3/28/22-6/20/22

Wednesdays 3/30/22-6/15/22